We have created our own search listing algorythm to allow creatives to find what they need fast. In their fast paced industry we need to allow them to search locations to match their brief.

It it important to make sure you have all of these details on the listing for search to work properly so let's talk about how it works.


Country, State,Region, City, Suburb, street address

Please note we will not show your street address to anyone using search.

This is what they see, however we need to street address to plot the location on a map when they enter a suburb or state.

2.Listing name (title) and contents

This is where you need to showcase your property with any specific keywords like art deco, modernist, pool, bath, high ceilings, large windows, natural light etc as this is what creatives will be searching for. Remember to give it a unique name that matches the style it reflects.

3.Image Tagging

Our Listing Manager will tag your images on our platform for anything unique that we have noted about your property. This is to ensure those extra wow factors are indexed in search.

Once again, If you are not sure, again we are always happy to help, email: [email protected] or send us a message in the chat.

Remember you can login and edit your listing at any time to make sure it is up to date.

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