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Can I turn down a production?
Can I turn down a production?
What happens if I don't want to accept a booking
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Of course, yes!

You have complete say in whether you will accept a booking or not.

All content creators using the A Perfect Space platform to scout locations will be required to answer a series of questions regarding their shoot prior to selecting properties. If your location is shortlisted for a particular project, these details will be forwarded onto you for your consideration.

Recce inspection

In addition, most productions will carry out what is called a recce prior to booking a location for their shoot. A recce is when members of the production team visit the property in person to determine if the location will meet their requirements. The recce is another opportunity to learn more about how your property will be used and decide whether you would like to continue.

Booking Agreement

Once a deposit is paid to secure your location and the Hirer Booking Agreement is signed, you are unable to cancel (subject to unforeseen circumstances as laid out in the terms & conditions). Please contact us to discuss further if this is your circumstance as we know sometimes things happen.

Ultimately, it is your property and A Perfect Space respects that.

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