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Shortlisting and collaboration
Shortlisting and collaboration
Shortlist, collaborate and more
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Creating a shortlist is an easy and simple process, designed to minimise the open tabs and links when looking for location. It is free ti sign up and create a shortlist.

After creating your APS account, go to your logged in search page on the dashboard

Click the "create new shortlist" at the top right corner page to create your shortlist.

Create and save your shortlist.

To add to your shortlist,

Locate the image your want to use in your shortlist by using the arrow keys on the thumbnails to cycle through the images.

Check the thumbnail box top right.

Select the "add to shortlist" button on the page.

Select your shortlist from the options, and the image will be saved.

To locate your shortlist at any time. login and go to My Shortlists

You can export the shortlist to a downloadable pdf that can be taken to meetings while curating your brief or attach as an email.

Or also add your team member to login and view your shortlist and comment and collaborate.

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