A Perfect Space is an end-to-end location management platform that simplifies searching, scouting and securing locations. We streamline the process, saving time and money through our expert insight and deep knowledge of our locations.

Our platform allows creative teams to collaborate online, shortlist properties, book recces, confirm locations, invoice and make payments—all through a single dashboard.

Think of A Perfect Space as a marketplace of sorts. It is a platform where property owners come to hire out their locations, and creatives come to find the right locations.

Searching through the various locations we offer is as easy as scrolling through the site. Our search function allows you to narrow down your selection by property location, property features (i.e. pools, manicured gardens), type of property (architecture, style) and function (TV & film production, events, photography).

Our hirers have a brief and they need to to search for a location that suits that brief. Therefore it is really important that your property profile showcases it's best assets in the description and imagery.

Why list with A Perfect Space?

A Perfect Space has been developed with content creators, producers, photographers and event planners in mind. Their input has shaped every element of our platform and for this reason, it is the preferred location scouting website for creative teams.

This means that as a lister, your property will be seen and shortlisted by more potential clients. As someone who works in production, photography or events, A Perfect Space delivers a location platform with deep search capabilities and a proven working knowledge of on-location shoots.

Who can list with A Perfect Space?

Anyone can list with A Perfect Space—whether you're the owner of a single property, property portfolios, event venues, or even studios—just as long as they are the legal property owner of the space.

Will I need professional photos?

The short answer is yes.

Our platform is developed by and for a clientele of content creators, producers, stylists, photographers, film-makers, event planners and creative teams. The general consensus amongst our network of clients is that high-quality images play an important role in making location scouting decisions—especially over the internet.

Getting professional photos of your property does not have to be an expensive exercise and it will increase the likelihood of your property being booked. We recommend investing approximately $350 - $500 AUD for a portfolio of 20+ images.

If you are not sure about who to use please get in touch with us.

Can I turn down a production?

Of course, yes! You have complete say in whether you will accept a booking or not.

All content creators using the A Perfect Space platform to scout locations will be required to answer a series of questions regarding their shoot prior to selecting properties. If your location is shortlisted for a particular project, these details will be forwarded onto you for your consideration.

In addition, most productions will carry out what is called a recce prior to booking a location for their shoot. A recce is when members of the production team visit the property in person to determine if the location will meet their requirements. The recce is another opportunity to learn more about how your property will be used and decide whether you would like to continue.

Once a deposit is paid to secure your location and the Hirer Agreement is signed, you are unable to cancel (subject to unforeseen circumstances as laid out in the terms & conditions).

Ultimately, it is your property and A Perfect Space respects that.

Do I need specific insurance?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of property insurance coverage. This is typically provided via a PDF copy of your certificate of insurance.


How much can I earn from listing with A Perfect Space?

This is a tricky question to answer. Some locations are more popular than others because of the type of space, it's accessibility and style.

For example, a house located in the inner suburbs with loads of natural light and a neutral colour palette will be hired more frequently than a tin shed located in a rural setting. That's not to say that the tin shed won't be used for TV dramas, commercials or fashion shoots; it's just that it is a very specific look that won't be sought after as often.

How much does it cost to list on A Perfect Space?

Listing your space on the A Perfect Space platform is a free service.

If your location is hired, A Perfect Space retains 15% commission on the booked rate.

Example: If your tree-lined driveway is used for a 1-day car commercial shoot at the average rate of $1,500 A Perfect Space will retain $225. The remaining $1,275 is deposited directly to your nominated bank account.


When will I get paid?

Our aim is to get money in your hands as soon as possible.

Which is why payment always takes place 24-hours prior to the shoot* with any additional fees (such as overtime) being paid within 7-days after the shoot.

*The timings may vary slightly if an international transfer is required.

How will I get paid?

The net location fee will be deposited directly into your nominated banking account 24-hours prior to the shoot.

Please be sure to add bank details to your profile when listing your space to streamline the process.


What will my property be used for?

Your property could be used for TV commercials & programmes, digital content, fashion shoots, movie productions or events (if applicable).

What if there is damage to my property during the location?

All bookings made through the A Perfect Space platform are bound by a Location Hire agreement that requires any reported damage to the property be remunerated within 30-days or an alternative timeframe as agreed to by yourself.

For further protection, all bookings are required to provide proof of insurance for workers compensation and public liability insurance prior to the shoot.

This is on top of the property insurance all owners must provide to list their property on the A Perfect Space platform.

Do I need to be home or can I be out while my location is in use?

As glamorous as it sounds, being on-set can be time consuming and boring.

Which is why A Perfect Space offers a location manager service, whereby someone will be present to oversee logistics on your behalf. This way, you'll be free to vacate the premises for the duration of the shoot, leaving the busy cast and crew to handle their business.

The costs of this service will be paid for by the person/production hiring the space, i.e. completely free-of-charge to you.

However, we do seek your cooperation in being accessible via phone—just in case the production manager needs to get in touch with you for any reason!

Who will clean my house afterwards?

We understand that renting your property for any kind production or event can be a messy business.

And while all production crews go to great lengths to leave the property in the same condition they found it, it is more than likely that your property will need a quick clean upon their departure.

Both A Perfect Space and our producer clientele are aware of this, and as such will either arrange for house cleaning services or compensate you with a cleaning fee. The details can be discussed between the production manager and yourself in order to determine the best option for your situation.

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