Booking a Recce

You can book a standard or technical Recce

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How do i book a Recce?

A “recce” is a short term for a required viewing. This ensures that you can view your space prior to shooting and determine it will meet the requirements. This also provides an opportunity to learn about the space and ensure that it is the right space for you. You can book a standard or technical Recce prior to confirming your booking, just select the Book Recce button to submit an enquiry and select the type of recce you need.

If a recce leaves you dissatisfied with your choice of location, let us know and we can find the perfect space for you.

Standard industry practice is that you will need a standard initial recce and then a longer technical recce to sort out logistics before the day. We know how important this is to you which is why we support both options.

To book a recce you can do this via your shortlist or from the property profile page using the book a recce button.

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