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Photography Checklist- for all listings
Photography Checklist- for all listings
We've created a checklist so you can showcase your listing to a wider audience and get shortlisted or more jobs.
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Each listing needs to have a detailed gallery of images that sit both front and back end, not all images will be published but will provide all the nuanced details that producers always need when finalising their shortlist, these are the little things that make all the difference is saving time coming to your place when it doesn't suit!

PHOTO PRO TIPS - wide shots are the best, landscape orientation! Just use your smartphone and make sure you save in one folder and share to us!

The most important thing is to take the widest photos you can of all your spaces - especially laundries and bathrooms - and from two or three corners of the room. Clients need to see the full space. You can also add some artistic closeups of special details - but if all your photos look like interior detail closeups in a magazine, without the wides, it's hard for a production team to work out whether the space is suitable for their needs.


  • Floor plans, fixed furniture plans, size and scale of backyard and block size

  • always show key pieces of furniture of fittings (island bench, lounge suites, etc)

  • front door from all angles (door width for wheelchair access)

  • ceiling height and hallway width and length is key

  • island bench size/ style and where the stove/ sink is locate

  • access to power and kitchen is critical I would always capture at least 20-30 images just of the kitchen area, for kitchen TV we need to know ceiling height, overhead lights and fittings, natural light etc



  • wide shot from roadway showing access to property from street view, alley view or front fence, path way entrance.

  • driveway angles, surface and scale

  • parking access

  • garage doors

  • issues with access, please make note, eg; 4 steps, narrow alleyway

  • veranda / balcony/ alfresco

  • outdoor kitchens

  • fire pits

  • gardens

  • Water features

  • fences

  • foliage and trees

  • solar panels type and position

  • compost area veggie patch, small animals

  • kids play equipment

  • pool, fence, landscaping, equipment position

  • roof slope and type / color / solor panels/

  • offices/stables

  • tennis court and pool area (measure fence distance to edge of pool)


All rooms and spaces to be shot, key is to show depth, scale and angles for multiple cameras, crew sizes. Tag all images in your listing as you add them to your gallery.

  • bedrooms- number and scale, colors, style, entry to all

  • bathrooms- number and lighting always important, baths and showers?

  • hallway/ entrance/ foyers - depth, width, lighting

  • kitchen (pantry, island bench, appliances, butlers?)

  • living spaces- angles and people in shots will show depth always great

  • kids play areas and landings

  • views/ outlook/ backdrops

  • fire places/ gas fires

  • staircase

  • windows

  • all bedrooms

  • all bathrooms

  • gym

  • yoga rooms

  • bars

  • games room,

  • basements

  • study

  • retreats


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